5 Great Websites for Shopping Discount Codes

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So you sit down at your pc with a cup of coffee, ready to grab some bargains. Before you know it, an hour has passed, your coffee’s cold and all you’ve done is hop from site to site. We’ve all been there. Finding where to search for shopping discount codes can be very time consuming and frustrating. That’s a shame because you can save a lot of money using these sites. We’ve narrowed it down for you. Here are five of the best.

1. RetailMeNot.com

RetailMeNot is the top rated site. It has everything you need for saving money. This online coupon service has hundreds of coupon codes to your favorite stores, an amazing selection of printable and local coupons, a ton of grocery coupons and a really awesome blog with tips on how to live a better lifestyle while still saving money.

The best part is the printable coupon section. You simply enter your zip code and a Google map of your area will populate. The map will show little colored teardrops hovering over your specific zip code and nearby cities with the number of local coupons you can print. This online coupon service provides probably the best selection of local coupons from any of the coupon sites and could be one of the reasons why it’s always the first in line when you’re Googling and wondering where to search for shopping discount codes.

 2. Coupons.com

Coupons.com is a user friendly site which is great for anyone new to this type of thing. Experts will love it too as it has amazing features like local coupons, coupon codes, a member center, exclusive member savings and more. Their sheer variety of coupons sets it apart from the rest.

This site also offers the CouponBar which gives you immediate access to great savings no matter what website you are on.

3. CouponMom.com

This highly popular site has all the usual features that you would expect. It also advises you how to save more than 50% on your groceries. That’s huge. They say that the secret is down to consistency and planning. They advise you to clip the coupons from the Sunday newspapers every week and take advantage of their Grocery Deals list every week. Who wouldn’t want to save 50%?

4.  CouponCabin.com

CouponCabin is the only discount coupon site that offers live chat support. That is such a great feature we’re sure others will be following. They have free coupons and codes to over 2924 stores including Amazon, Dell, Office Depot, Old Navy, Gap, Best Buy, Dell, Zappos and Barnes and Noble.

They also have a free mobile app so that you can be sure of getting the latest bargains even when you’re on the go. Their Product Deals and Freebies sections are also particularly good.

5.  MyCoupons.com

This is the oldest online coupon site and they’re still going strong. It’s perfect for anyone new to the discount coupon world as it is so well organized and a joy to navigate. Apart from making it a relaxing and enjoyable site to visit, this also means that you can find the maximum savings with the minimum of effort.

Are you ready to go grab some bargains?

We hope that this has helped you to find where to search for shopping discount codes.

And most of all, we hope it saves you some money. We’re sure it will.

Happy shopping!



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