5 of the Best Websites for Online Coupons

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You may have noticed that there are a lot of websites offering coupons. It’s obviously a great way to save money but if you’ve spent time looking at them, you may have felt overwhelmed by how many there are and the massive amounts of coupons available. This is often the case especially for anyone new to the world of coupons.

It helps if you can narrow down exactly what sort of coupons you are searching for. If you search ‘where to find get coupons online’ you will just be flooded with a variety of websites. More confusion.

Part of this battle is being specific in what you search for. Try a search for ‘grocery coupons’ or ‘retail coupons’. You can also find coupons for use in big stores such as Walmart and Target (among many others). Did you know you can even get coupons to use on Amazon? How cool is that? We don’t want to overwhelm you all over again, so let’s just pause and take a look at those five.

Grocery Coupons – one of the best is Lozo.com

Lozo does daily searches on over 400 websites and even searches apps to find grocery coupons (among many others) for all of your favourite brands. We love how hovering over a grocery item brings up a box for Clip or Get Now. Some brands require you to sign up to their mailing list but you can avoid this by going to Lozo’s Shortcut Box and clicking on Types of Coupons. You can then uncheck the box that says Brand Signup. You can also uncheck Facebook there, if you don’t want to ‘Like’ them on FB to get your coupons.

Retail Coupons – one of the best is Wow-Coupons.com

At first glance, this website looks very dated and you might be tempted to move on. Don’t – stay with it. This little site is actually a goldmine if you’re looking for where to find coupons online. They have easy categories – retail, travel, grocery and travel. They also have local coupons which is always a great feature. It’s also worth checking out their Deal of the Day. We took at look at their printable retail coupons and there were 191 – which is fairly impressive. They also show you when the coupons are due to expire which is very helpful.


This is one of the very best. As you might imagine for a store as established as Walmart – they have it down. The site is clean and easy to navigate and there are more brands and categories than you can ever do justice to. You simply choose your coupons and then press print. Couldn’t be easier. Saving money has never been such fun!


Like the Walmart coupon site, the Target site is clean and easy to navigate. Although there are a lot of coupons, there aren’t as many as Walmart. It’s still well worth a visit if you shop at Target as there are great savings to be had.


You can make an enormous number of savings direct from Amazon’s coupon page. Who knew?

This took a while to find so we’ve done the hard work for you – it’s here.

And it’s easy.

Just choose your coupon and click on the Clip This Coupon button. It will say ‘coupon clipped’ and then the discount will automatically be taken off your item once it’s in your basket. There are discounts for every single department so be sure to check before you buy a larger item.

This is just a taste of the many sites out there but we hope we’ve helped you to understand how to narrow your search. So now if you friends ask you where to get coupons online, you’ll be able to tell them – and then you can all save money.

Job done.


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