5 Ways To Attract Millennial Travelers With Social Media

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To keep your Hotel or Travel online business up to speed you need to be targeting Millennial Travelers. Baby boomers were the last generation but they will soon be taken over by Millennials. Analysts predict that by 2030, Millennials will outnumber baby boomers by around eighteen million. They are predicting 78 million Millennials by that year.

What is a Millennial Traveler?

millennials on phonesYou may have heard of Generation Y. A Millenial is just another name for that. To qualify, they have to be aged from 16 to 34. This means that they were born between 1980 and 1999.

Millennials are actually creating a new way of travelling. They commonly use mobile phones and tablets to search for and book Hotels and travel. It’s fair to say that a large percentage of Millennials are obsessed with social media. Figures show that 48% of Millenials check their Facebook as soon as they wake up in the morning. 28% check it before getting out of bed.

Millennials aren’t just Facebook lovers. They are the largest group of visitors to all social media so it’s highly important that your Hotel or travel website is already active on all of the major players to attract this audience.

Which Social Media Sites are the Most Popular?

The top ten are currently (in order of popularity)

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, VK, Flickr and Vine.

Here are Five Ways to use Social Media to Attract Millennials.

1. Lots of Good Quality Photos

This group is highly visual and they share – a lot. And that equates to free advertising. Take advantage of this by making sure that the pictures on your site are crystal clear and beautiful.

2. Not Wealthy – Yet

Because of their age group, most MIllennials are paying off student loans or on the bottom rung of the career ladder. Make the most of this large audience by putting your deals and special offers on all of your social media sites. Facebook Apps is useful tool to help you to do this on your FB pages. Don’t forget online coupons – they can also bring you a lot of free advertising when they’re picked up by the multiple coupon sites.

3. Information Junkies

It has been reported that the most annoying thing for 65% of Millenials is missing information or information that is so hard to find that they give up. Make it easy for them to find everything.

4. Lovers of Technology

According to a recent review, 80% of Millennials sleep with their Smartphone or tablets within reach. Make sure that your site is fully optimized for Smartphones and tablets.

5. Millennials love Honesty and Authenticity

They have been overwhelmed by tacky marketing promotions since they were old enough to pick up a Smartphone. Keep it real and keep it friendly but informative. If you can talk naturally and actually engage with Millennials via social media, it will pay dividends. Avoid sounding too serious and businesslike. Aim for laid back and conversational. Millennials can spot a phoney a mile away.

Let Them do the Marketing For You

Millennials love to share. That’s why they love social media. If you can engage and impress them, it will spread like wildfire all over the internet. Don’t forget that the opposite can also happen. If they don’t like your social media posts they will either ignore you or worse, spread around why they don’t like you. But the incentives are so enormous that we’re sure you’ll take due care. Once you get used to it, you’ll probably even enjoy it!

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