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photoshopped WHITE EDGE to cream 1I love writing. It’s as simple as that.

There’s nothing more satisfying than starting with a blank page (or screen) and crafting it into something that you’ve created from nothing. Something that communicates, evokes emotion, performs a function – or is just darn fun to read.


Believe me – I get it. I know that a lot of people don’t feel the same way. If the thought of writing brings you out in a cold sweat, you’re not alone.

Maybe you’ve tried?

typed blog attempt FINISHED creamHave you sat for ages in front of your pc waiting for inspiration to strike?

Got up and  made coffee.

Sat a bit longer.

Made a few phone calls that you’ve been putting  off?

More  coffee. Sat a bit longer…

I’m with you on the coffee.


Let’s look at it this way. If your pipes suddenly burst, do you immediately turn into a qualified plumber? No – you call one.

If your electrics start blinking like a deer in headlights? What do you do? Call an electrician.

You get the gist.


Writing is a job. It’s a job that I absolutely love and it’s how I make my living –  just like the plumber and the electrician.

And, like them, I’ve served a long apprenticeship to learn how to do my job and how to do it well.

And I keep on learning because the good ol’ interwebz keeps on changing. It’s an ongoing process.


I’ve been told by clients that they can’t write their own web content / blog posts etc because “writing is a gift”.

They’re right – up to a point.

But now, it’s so much more than that. Check out the Services page to see what else it involves and what I can do for you and your business..


Don’t put it off.

Don’t have a go and think “That’ll do…” when you know that it could be so much better.

This is where many folk (and even writers) come unstuck. And this is where I step in and do it for you.

So reach out and let me know what you need.

I’m very friendly and I don’t bite…promise!

See you soon.

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“Mary is a gem of writing talent that I am thrilled to have discovered. She really enjoys what she is doing and you can definitely see it in the amazing quality of work she has provided us. My second project with her started before the first one has completed and the third one is already in the planning phase. ”

Elie Zerg

Hair Style City

“Mary is a fantastic writer. The amount of research and effort that goes into her work and the attention to detail is outstanding. Her articles are a delight to read and she always over delivers. I’d give her more than 5 stars if I could. We have used her in the past and would definitely use her services again and again without hesitation.”

“Beautiful articles as always…they are a pleasure to read. Mary has a wonderful talent for writing.”

Wanda and Paula

Owners of multiple websites

Outstanding job. Mary provided a top quality product with exceptional communication. I recommend Mary with the utmost confidence and will work with her again.

Jan Heering

Founder and CEO, Morpheus Institute

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