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With ACME Motion Sensor Lights!                                   (Company name changed for use here)

You’ve got home late…again.  It’s pitch black, chilly and raining.  The house is in complete darkness and looks cold and unwelcoming.  As you pick your way gingerly down the driveway, you step in a huge puddle.  You squelch your way to the front door and stand shivering while you try – unsuccessfully – to get your key in the lock.  Sound familiar?

Things That Go Bump In The Night…

Or how about those nights when you’re suddenly jerked awake by an unfamiliar sound.  You hold your breath so that you can listen intently and all you can hear is your heart hammering.  Someone’s lurking outside…no, they’re trying to get in!  You convince yourself that it’s your imagination

…but burglaries are so common now…by this time you’re wide awake and you have to get up – but what if you run into the intruder…?

If these scenarios sound familiar to you, do yourself a favour and get a motion detector light – or several!  Simple, eh?

You Were Going To Get Them, But…

You may have encountered them already.  Your organised and sickeningly efficient neighbours have probably had them for ages!  You were tempted to get them too, remember?  But you didn’t fancy the yards of wire tacked to the outside of your house – or the hassle, or the electrician’s bill!

Look – No Wires!
well lit 2Having motion sensor lights installed is now easier than ever because with ACME wireless sensor technology there are no wires!  If you’re a capable DIY’er you can put them up yourself.  Even if you do have to pay out for an electrician, the lights are so quick to install that his bill won’t run to much!

If you’re still unconvinced, let’s look at a few more advantages of getting ACME motion sensor lights – and there are lots of advantages!

Be Safe, Not Sorry!

Let’s go back to where we started – shivering outside your home, fumbling for your lock in the dark.  Not a great idea.  Many muggings actually occur on a person’s own doorstep.  Police advise that you should have your key ready in your hand as you approach the door – which is a great idea…except you can’t see to get it into the lock!  All a mugger needs is those few minutes…

Even if there are no muggers about (which we sincerely hope!) it’s just downright unpleasant getting cold – and often wet – while you’re trying to unlock your door. 

Home Sweet Home

Now imagine you’ve had a ACME motion sensor light fitted.  You’re arriving home late.  As you step onto your driveway, a gentle, warm, inviting light floods your path to the door – ooops, watch that puddle! – and within seconds you’re safely indoors and dry!  Aaaaah, that’s better!

Had an Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault…?

While we’re on the subject of driveways – have you noticed that there’s no such thing as an accident any more?  Someone is always to blame.

Hmmm, how many people regularly walk up and down your driveway?

Friends, neighbours, the postman, parcel delivery people, charity collectors (often at night in the dark!), trick or treaters (ditto!), carol singers?

It only takes one of them to badly sprain an ankle on that dodgy bit of tarmac that you’ve been meaning to fix…and suddenly, motion sensor lights don’t seem like such an extravagance!

You’re Welcome!

How about those occasions when you have friends coming round and you’re up to your ears in some complicated recipe, still not dressed properly and keeping one eye on the clock.  How often do you forget to turn a porch or outdoor light on to welcome your guests?  Not a great first impression!

With ACME lights – your guests will always feel welcome!

 “I’m Sure I Heard Something…”

What about your garden?  Maybe you’re sitting up alone watching a late film and then turn the volume down because you thought you heard someone moving about outside?  You’d go and look but you can’t remember where the torch is and the battery’s probably flat anyway…

With ACME motion sensor lights, you can relax in the safe knowledge that any unwelcome ‘lurker’ will be immediately floodlit and run for the hills!

Or, you can simply stay in the comfort of your armchair and flick those garden lights on with a remote control, to check that it was just your imagination! 

Don’t Give Them the Opportunity!

Think about your car for a moment.  Is it a new one that you adore?  Even if it’s a faithful old workhorse, just imagine how lost you’d be without it.  Think of the hassle if it was stolen overnight – all those phone calls to the insurance people, trying to arrange a courtesy car, worrying about getting to work, missing important appointments…

Car thieves are opportunistic people.  If they’re caught in a spotlight the minute they step onto your driveway, they’re going to be looking further down the street for a car to steal!

Down to Business…

If you run any kind of business, you have a lot more to protect than just your car!  Police advise that motion sensor lights are a strong crime deterrent.  They’re also more shocking to a potential thief than continuous floodlighting – which has fallen from popularity due to the nuisance aspect.

Continuous lighting is also much more expensive than intermittent motion sensor lights.

Thieves like the dark.  They don’t want to be seen by anyone and they don’t like the sudden attention (or illumination!) of a light snapping on when they go anywhere near your premises!

Keep Your Workers Safe

Having motion sensor lights also protects your employees.  Do they often work late and have to leave the building in the dark?  Keep them safe and seen – and forget about compensation claims!

What Really Puts Burglars Off?

STEINEL motion sensor lights are great for outdoor security but even greater for indoor security!  How so?  Read on, you’ll be amazed at this!

The Home Office did a survey of experienced burglars to find out what motivates them and, more importantly for us, what deters them!

The top three deterrents that the burglars identified were

  • Belief that the house is occupied – 84%
  • Visible alarms outside the property – 84%
  • CCTV camera nearby – 82%

The apparent strength of window and door locks didn’t put them off (55%).  Neither did property marking campaigns (18%) and even evidence of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme (29%) wasn’t going to stop them.

Most businesses have visible alarms but they are too expensive for the majority of homes.

As for CCTV, your business may have it but unless you’re a rock star, your home probably won’t!

The great news is that burglars are equally put off if they think that the place is occupied, so get some ACME lights and sleep easy!

Does Your Holiday Give You Peace Of Mind?

When you go away on holiday, just set your indoor lights on a timer so that they come on an off as if you were at home!  Simple and effective!

Is Your Home or Business Already a Target?

The other interesting fact that the Home Office survey uncovered was that, unlike car burglars who are opportunistic, the majority of house and business burglars choose their targets well in advance.  Isn’t it a little chilling to think that your home or business may have already been picked out as the potential site of a burglary?

So – you really can’t get these lights quickly enough!

The best deterrent is to have both timed indoor lights and outdoor motion sensor lights.  Then you’re protected inside and out!

What are you waiting for?  Get crossed off that burglar’s list!

Home Comforts

ACME motion sensor lights are great for security but they can also make you life a lot easier, more comfortable and cheaper indoors!

Let’s look at a few examples…

Turn That *$%&# Light Off!

How often is your bathroom light left on?  If you have teenagers, the question should be – does it ever get turned off!  Think how much money you’d save and how many arguments you’d avoid, with the simple installation of a ACME light.  And no more stubbed toes when you’re half asleep and fumbling for the light switch in the night.  And because there are no wires, they are perfect for bathrooms!

Let the Light In!

Do you avoid putting your car into the garage because of the hassle of getting it in and out in the dark?  ACME solves that problem and if you garage your car each night, you’ll pay less car insurance!

Not Enough Hands?

Do you often find yourself entering a room, with your arms full of washing, kids toys, tools etc and then trying to press the light switch on with your nose?  We’ve all been there…  And you know what I’m going to say, don’t you!  

I Hate Going Out In the Dark!

Is there a dark walk-way down the side of your house?  Do you hate going out to the car at night, putting rubbish out or going out to call the cat or dog in?

With one quick and easy installation, ACME can solve all of these problems!

How Do Motion Sensor Lights Work?

All moving objects radiate heat in the form of infrared waves.  The motion detector is like a small electronic eye that can ‘see’ these waves and in response, it turns on the light!  You decide how long the light stays on for and set it with a timer.  If you want it on all the time, just press the switch for a manual over-ride.

Won’t It Turn On For the Cat, Falling Leaves or Every Car That Goes By?

Many people don’t buy motion sensor lights because of this worry – but if the light is installed in the right position and set properly, it shouldn’t be a problem.

You can choose the distance and range that the electronic eye will see.  Aim the sensor so that its’ field of vision only contains what you want it to see.

It’s a good idea to install them between 6 and 10 feet off the ground as this optimises performance and will prevent them being tampered with! 

Are the Lights Very Bright?

You can decide how bright, or dim you would like the light to be and set it accordingly.  If the motion detector senses movement, the light goes onto full power for a time that you pre-set and then goes back to dim, or off. 

Who are ACME?

ACME are highly experienced specialists in motion sensor lights.

This company shows just why Germans have a reputation for superior design and technology!

Their sensIQ light just won the internationally coveted 2006 Product Design Award – can’t be bad! 

Why You Need ACME Lights!

ACME motion sensor lights can bring you increased security, peace of mind and make your life easier and more comfortable!

Their proven high quality technology and great eye for design means that the lights don’t just work brilliantly – they look great too!

No wires, no fuss – just immediate, fast installation and then let the lights do their job.  Protect your home and enhance it all in one easy step.

Go on – bring some ACME light into your life today!

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