Dead Sea Skin Care

The Dead Sea – Centuries of Natural Therapies

The healing and beautifying properties of raw materials from the Dead Sea have been recognized and sought after for many hundreds of years.  No other form of health or beauty therapy has successfully endured such a test of time.

What makes the Dead Sea so unique?

One of the Most Magical Places on Earth 

dead sea saltThe Dead Sea is in the lowest part of the Jordan Rift Valley and lies right on the borderline between the West Bank of Israel and Jordan.

It was formed 3 million years ago.  A faulty geological movement allowed sea water to penetrate the Dead Sea valley where it combined with a variety of mineral sediments.

The extremely dry climate caused evaporation which increased the concentration of salt in the water.  This resulted in a natural precipitation* of salts, chalk and gypsum.

Those processes are still continuing and the thick white layers of salt precipitation can still be seen on the surface of the Dead Sea today.

*Precipitation is a chemical reaction that condenses a solution into a solid.  It happens when the solution is supersaturated.  Once the solids have formed, they become heavier than the solution and sink to the bottom, forming mineral-rich mud.

3 million years of precipitation has formed – and is continuing to form – the distinctive black mud which is so uniquely rich in minerals.

Constant evaporation means that the water has a salinity of 33% which is ten times that of any other open water.

The Dead Sea is landlocked which technically makes it a lake.  The river Jordan flows into it – and so do many natural hot springs which run down from the steep banks found along its’ shores.  The springs are packed full of minerals that are necessary for health – the main ones being sulphur, bromine, iodine, magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium.

The Dead Sea is the lowest area of natural water on our planet at 418 meters below sea level and still falling. 

It’s over a thousand feet deep (330 m) and is the deepest hypersaline lake in the world.  ‘Hypersaline’ means that it has a much higher concentration of salt than regular sea water.

The continuous evaporation gives rise to a haze of mineral-rich air over the Dead Sea – giving visitors a feeling of well-being, rejuvenation and relaxation.

Because The Dead Sea Lies So Low On The Earth… 

…the sun’s rays are the longest possible anywhere.  This allows the rays to be filtered and renders them less harmful.  This makes it a perfectly safe place for people who need sunshine to help their skin disorders.

The area has the highest barometric pressure in the World, which gives a higher density of oxygen to the air.

The combination of mineral-rich waters and mud, high oxygen levels, clean allergen-free air and dry, comfortable climate have made the Dead Sea the most famous area in the world for healing and natural beauty.

Dead Sea Healing Through History 

The area has been known for its’ therapeutic and cosmetic benefits for many hundreds of years. 

The Queen of Sheba

The Bible says that the Queen of Sheba (born in 960 BC) visited King Solomon to test his legendary wisdom.  She brought many gifts for him and it is said that he gave her Dead Sea salt and mud – renowned even then for their unique properties.


The ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle (born in 384 BC) wrote about the healing properties of the waters of the Dead Sea.


Queen Cleopatra of Egypt (born 69 BC) is said to have been given Dead Sea mud by her husband, Mark Anthony, on his return from the Egyptian conquest.  Cleopatra wasn’t just the most beautiful woman in the world – she was also a smart businesswoman.  She paid a fortune to get exclusive rights to build factories in the area, for the production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.  The remains of the factories can still be seen at Ein Bokek and Ein Gedi on the shores of the Dead Sea. 

Ancient Bath Houses

The ancient Romans and Jews are known to have built bath houses on the banks of the Dead Sea that used both the water and the mud for healing and beautifying.

King Herod

The Roman historian Josephus Flavius wrote about King Herod bathing in the Dead Sea and “finding tranquility”.


Asphalt from the Dead Sea has always been of huge economic importance to the area.  It was used as a form of medication for over 2,000 years – until the middle of the 20th Century. 

The Dead Sea as a Source of Healing Today 

Although the Dead Sea has been such a famous place for healing, beauty and rejuvenation for centuries, no-one understood why.  They just knew that the properties of the water and mud were unique and beneficial. 

Natural Anti-bacterial Properties

Our advanced technology and scientific understanding is proving what the ancients knew.  A recent study analyzed the mud and even the scientists were surprised at what they found.  The numbers of common colony-forming microorganisms were unusually low.  Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Propionibacterium Acnes and Candida Albicans all became inactive when added to the mud samples.

The mud was then sterilized using gamma irradiation but the same results were obtained.

This proves that the Dead Sea mud has antimicrobial properties.  It provides just one explanation for why it is so extraordinarily good for skin – there are many others!

People are now wary of the over-use of chemicals in the health and beauty preparations that they use.  The Dead Sea minerals are completely natural and have been safely used for centuries with no ill side-effects.  This makes them perfect for anyone wishing to pursue ‘natural’ health and beauty. 

What Causes Dry and Damaged Skin?

It’s important to understand why skin becomes dry so that those causes may be avoided. 

Avoid Harsh Soaps

Many soaps contain chemical anti-bacterials but these are non-moisturizing and can lead to dry skin.  It’s ironic that a soap which is marketed as protecting our skin can damage it, due to its’ formulation.  Deodorant soaps have become popular but these have the same drying effect.

Most regular soaps and many skin preparations contain alcohols.  These dissolve the lipids of the skin, which allows moisture to evaporate and skin to become dry. 

Our Living Conditions

Many people find skin problems developing during the winter months.  The skin is exposed to cold weather outside and then artificial indoor heating.  These extremes can be very drying and the skin will need extra moisturizing to cope.

Skin Conditions

Eczema and psoriasis are both on the increase.  Common medical treatments often involve the use of steroid preparations which bring their own harmful side effects.  Used over a period of time, they can thin the skin, leading to further problems.  A natural alternative is vastly preferable. 

The Importance of Hand and Skin Care 

Our skin is an important organ of the body – keeping moisture in and bacteria out.  If the skin lacks moisture, it loses its’ suppleness and can lead to tiny cracks, scales and itching.  This compromises its’ effect as a barrier and may allow bacterial and fungal infections to grow, requiring medical treatment.

Dermatologists call dry skin Xerosis.

With so many chemicals being used in every-day skin preparations, dry skin is more of a problem than ever before.

Irritant contact dermatitis is on the increase and is especially prevalent in health care workers who need to wash their hands frequently.  This strips the skin of its’ natural oils and quickly leads to dry skin, which can harbor infection.  This is obviously a big problem in this field of work.

A recent scientific study recommended that the use of a hand cream after each wash can help to prevent both dry and rough skin.

Care should be taken over which hand cream to use as the inclusion of chemicals and alcohol is common – leading to even more dry skin. 

Why ABC is the Best Choice for Your Hands

ABC DSC Hand cream containing Dead Sea minerals will not just moisturize your skin without leading to further dryness – the minerals can actively promote skin health and healthy skin is beautiful! 

Dead Sea Cosmeceuticals (DSC) is a brand of products from ABC that have won praise from Medical Professionals and consumers.

DSC Hand Cream is a multi-protective, highly advanced formulation based on natural Dead Sea minerals, vitamins and bio-botanical extracts. 

ABC products feature the first ever stable Dead Sea formulation that doesn’t use any petrolatum oils (paraffin).  Petrolatum is commonly used by cosmetic manufacturers because it is extremely inexpensive.  However, it can interfere with the natural moisturizing process of the body and can lead to dry skin and chapped lips.

Unlike other Dead Sea companies, DSC products use only pure, natural vegetable oils, in place of petrolatum oils.

This revolutionary hand cream moisturizes and protects the skin from potentially harmful UV rays and harsh weather conditions.  If applied after manual work, it can recondition and balance the skin.

Hands are often a give-away of a person’s age – DSC Hand Cream used at night can rejuvenate dry, cracked, spotted skin and bring youthful beauty back to the hands. 

Active ingredients in ABC Hand cream 

Dead Sea minerals (see below)

Orange extract – high source of Vitamic C.  An environmentally friendly cleanser, used in place of toxic petrolatum distillates.

Vitamin B – a complex of 8 vitamins, necessary for cell metabolism.  Maintains healthy skin and muscle tone, enhances immune and nervous system function, promotes growth and division of cells.  The B vitamins need daily replensishment as the body can’t store it.

Vitamin C – necessary for essential metabolic reactions in the body and the synthesis of collagen.  Collagen (along with keratin) gives strength and elasticity to the skin.  The degradation of collagen leads to wrinkles and skin ageing.  Vitamin C can’t be stored so is a daily requirement.

Vitamin E – a major antioxidant, it is a strong defence against free radicals (atoms or molecules which can cause cell damage and ageing).  Vit E encourages skin healing and may reduce scarring.

Lavender – a natural antiseptic.  Good for healing acne, burns to the skin and inflammation.  Also an aid to relaxation which is helpful in skin conditions.

Rosehips – yield 2,000 mg of Vit C per 100g – one of nature’s highest sources.

Jojoba – wax or oil can be refined to be odorless, colorless and oxidatively stable.  This makes it a good moisturizer and carrier for other ingredients. 

Combination of 3 UV absorbers – reduces the degradation of skin cells caused by UV radiation.  UV can damage collagen fibers which accelerates aging of the skin. 

The Minerals in Dead Sea Products

The mineral content of water in the Dead Sea is vastly different from that of any other natural water.  It contains 21 minerals – 12 of which cannot be found in any other sea or ocean.

It contains 53% magnesium chloride

37% potassium chloride

8% sodium chloride

And various others including sulphur, bromine, iodine and calcium. 

Minerals – The Science Behind the Claims

The minerals found in the Dead Sea are known to have many therapeutic qualities and are able to treat dermatological diseases, rheumatic problems and respiratory disorders.  The treatments are so successful that patients in Germany who suffer from any of these can get bi-annual trips to the Dead Sea, covered by their private health system insurance!

Skin cells have complex functions and in order to carry these out, they communicate with each other.  Minerals are essential in helping these cell-to-cell signals.

When the cells are able to work together correctly, they can regenerate and actively nourish the top layer of skin, giving it a higher capacity for moisturization.

The ageing process depletes the natural moisturizing factors in your body, which lessens the ability of the skin to retain moisture.  Using mineral-rich Dead Sea products can help your skin to overcome this natural drying.  When skin cells are well moisturized, they are naturally more plump, smooth and elastic.  It’s the loss of elasticity that leads to wrinkles.  Qarël Dead Sea skin products can keep your skin healthy and looking fresh and young.

How the Dead Sea Minerals in ABC Products can Help your Skin:

Potassium – known to supply energy to skin cells.  It also enhances the ability of the skin cells to retain water, acting like a natural moisturizer on the upper layer of the epidermis. 

Magnesium – is known to activate enzymes to speed up cell renewal.  It also has anti-allergenic properties which help to keep skin healthy.

Zinc compounds – known to act as an anti-inflammatory, promoting skin health.

Bromides – are known to be calming and relaxing and are used in Medicine for those reasons.  Very helpful in skin disorders which can be upsetting and sadly, made worse by stress.

Chlorides – known for their ability to help balance the minerals in the body and for their disinfectant properties.


 The Company

ABC was founded by visionaries from America, France, England and Israel.

They combined their expertise in bio-botanicals, derma-cosmetology and scientific knowledge of the Dead Sea to develop the finest natural Dead Sea health and beauty care products.

Six years of research and development led to the creation of DSC, Dead Sea Cosmeceuticals.  Their advanced formulations integrate the known therapeutic properties of Dead Sea minerals with vitamins and botanical extracts.

Their first brand – DSC Professional Care – was a line of 4 foot care products and a hand cream.  These were marketed through Health Professionals.  They not only won high praise from professional podiatrists and consumers – they were awarded the Seal of Approval by the American Podiatrists’ Medical Association (APMA).

ABC are committed to making the finest quality products, while fully respecting human rights and the environment.

ABC products:

Aren’t tested on animals

Include no ingredients derived from animals

Include no mineral oils

Have no synthetic perfumes

Have no artificial colors

Centuries of proven healing and beauty therapies have been honed by experts into the finest quality, medically approved, easily accessible products.

Even if you can’t make it to the Dead Sea, you can enjoy its’ massive benefits every day with ABC DSC Professional Care.


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