Is Your Gift Basket Business Making You Rich?

Sales Copy for Client with Gift Basket Membership Site. This looks so old fashioned now but it was how sales copy was written back then. I’m including it to show that I can write to any formula.


Is Your Gift Basket Business Making You Rich?

It could be – and it should be.

If it isn’t, we’re here to help you!

If your business is already online, congratulations!  You’ve made the first important step to a booming business.

If not, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

We can help you to have the success you’ve always dreamed of!

Sound good?  

Let’s start by taking a look at why

you really need to be selling on the Internet.

How many…? 

In 2002 there were 605 million Internet users.

Just 3 years later, in 2005 the one-billionth internet user went online!

That’s staggering, isn’t it?  Look how fast it’s grown!

Now are you beginning to see why you need to not only get online – but make the most of the opportunity!

Online sales are the way to go

Did you know that Internet use is growing at 18% each year.

In 2005, online sales of ‘Flowers, Greetings and Gifts’ rose by 23%.

Did your sales rise that much?

The sky’s the limit!

It’s estimated that it takes new users between two and three years to get comfortable enough with a computer to start buying online.

What does that mean for you?  It means that internet sales will at least double from where they are today, once those billion users get going! 

Here come the Holidays… 

I’ll bet you sell a lot of Gift Baskets over the Holidays.  But are you getting the most out of the market?

Do your sales figures reflect these survey results?

In November 2005 a survey for Yahoo! showed that

over 80% of people intended to do their Holiday gift shopping online.

83% of people said they would shop online for holiday gifts and

80% said that they would be buying from small online businesses.

There’s more!  The survey also showed that

30% of people will purchase at least 50% of their holiday gifts online

63% said that they believed internet sellers catering to specialized markets were the best places to buy unusual gifts

Many people commented that the continuing increases in gas prices would encourage them  to do more online shopping

59% believed that their offline gift retailer should have a website

75% said that shopping online was the most convenient for them.  Open 24/7!

Are these figures speaking to you?  I hope so because we want your business to benefit and grow from catching this wave!

Gift Basket Masterminds can help you to get to the top! 

Our website is designed specifically for people just like you.

You may have signed up with a few online directories as a way of advertising and that’s great – but that’s all you get.  We can give you so much more!

Yellow text.We address every part of your business from the initial inspiration for stunning Gift Baskets – right through to selling them.  Lots of them!

You may have found in the past that if you wanted anything to help your Gift Basket business, you lost hours trawling the net for it or making endless phone calls.

And I’ll bet when you found it, it wasn’t always what you wanted! 


Gift Basket Masterminds

today and stop wasting any more time and money.  We have everything you need to turn your business into a success story – all on one, easy to navigate site.

What we can do for you… 

How would you like a Wholesale Supplier Directory that lists current information?

To save you even more time, our members write reviews and rate the sites – so that you can be sure of getting the best!

Do you need help getting your website up to speed?

We offer free downloads of website templates and royalty-free photos for you to use whenever and however you like.

We’ll even give you ten great articles on Gift Basket ideas to use on your site.

Get seen!

You may have the best Gift Baskets ever created and a beautiful website – but if only a few people are visiting, you’ll never hit those high sales.

Our online experts can help you to keep up with the most recent and effective ways of getting you there, such as Search Engine Optimisation and online marketing.

Get creative!

We can inspire you with Basket design ideas and there’s even an online calendar so that you can keep track of all those important dates that could be a Gift Basket opportunity.

We’ve already added enough to keep you going for a very long time!  

Does business leave you cold?

Get help with our General Business section, your tax questions answered and much more.

Talk it out…

Discuss business strategies with other Members in our Chat Rooms and Private Forum.

It often helps to bounce ideas around before you try them – here’s the place to do it! 


The Holidays are coming

 – are you ready to make more money this year

than you ever have before?


Join as a member today

and give your business the break it deserves!

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