Meet the 2015 Toyota Mirai FCV

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miraiThis is a car of the future so it’s not surprising that Toyota have chosen to call their new ZEV Mirai which is Japanese for ‘future’. It’s one of the first hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles to be sold commercially and Toyota say that it could supply an average household with electricity for over a week. That’s a pretty impressive claim.

Here’s a quick timeline of the 2015 Toyota Mirai and then we’ll take a look at the information we have so far about this car.

2013: Reporters test drive a pre production 2015 Toyota Mirai. Toyota demonstrates that it takes less than three minutes to fuel the car.

2013: Toyota shows an FCV sedan at the Tokyo Motor Show.

June 2014: Toyota unveils the close-to-production 2015 Toyota Mirai to the media.


So how much will this futuristic vehicle set you back? Toyota say it will be just shy of 7 million yen which converts to around $69,000.

Fuel cell prototypes over the last ten years have been reported to cost more than $1 million – but Toyota have lowered the cost of the fuel cell system to 5% of that.


No interior photos of the 2015 Toyota Mirai are available yet but sources say that it will keep the same 4 seat layout as seen in the concept version from the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. We do know that it has a flared bumper with integrated vertical daytime running lights. The concept car had a mesh grill but the production car has horizontal bars.

Engine, Performance

The engine will output over 100kW. Under Japan’s JC08 test cycle, the cruising range of the 2015 Toyota Mirai is expected to be roughly 700 km / about 435 miles

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power

The 2015 Toyota Mirai creates its electricity by combining hydrogen with oxygen it takes from the air. This creates water and electricity. The car includes a compact yet lightweight fuel cell and two hydrogen tanks (70mPa) which will sit under the body of the car.

Release Date

The 2015 Toyota Mirai is planned to go on sale in Japan around April 2015, while America will have to wait until the fall. Some are saying that it might be revealed in the US as a 2016 model.

There’s a lot of excitement regarding the release of Toyota’s new baby. Of course, it’s being compared to the Prius which has been very successful, especially in the States.

The 2015 Toyota Mirai FCV is certainly going to be an interesting car and we will be watching closely so that we can bring more news to you as soon as we have it.


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