Need a Vacation But Don’t Want to go it Alone?

woman with suitcase 2Finding yourself alone can be an isolating experience. You might be alone for many reasons, whether you are single, divorced, separated or a widow or widower. If you’re desperately in need of a holiday but really don’t want to go on your own, then solo travel groups are just what you need.

What are Solo Travel Groups?

Is it solo or is it groups? The answer is that it’s both. You will be travelling solo but you will be travelling with other solos. All of you solos put together are the travel group. The thought of going on holiday with complete strangers might feel intimidating but don’t forget that each traveller in the group is a solo – just like you. You will all be feeling the same and will all want it to work.

If you still have reservations, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of a wonderful vacation.

5 Ways to get the Best out of Solo Travel Groups 

1. Book as Late as Possible

Choose your vacation and then book it as late as you dare. That way, you can ask the booker about the dynamic of the group. It’s a fact that women outnumber men in these groups. One to avoid is the group of all women (or all men if that worries you). Solo travellers report that the best group is a mix of both sexes.

2. Vacations with ‘Highlights of…Wherever’

These trips usually involve staying in a different hotel every night which can be exhausting – physically and emotionally. You might also find yourself on a tour bus for most of the days – which may be ok but may not – especially if the person you’ve been trying to avoid thinks you’re their new BF and insists on sitting next to you every day.

3. Get a Room

However sociable you plan to be before you embark on your vacation, it is well worth paying the extra supplement for a single room – especially if this is your first time with solo travel groups. If you really can’t afford the supplement, consider a camping vacation so that you can retreat into your tent for some ‘me time’. Having to constantly socialise can be tiring.

4. Too Much Choice?

There are so many solo tour group operators that you can lose hours just looking at them. To help you out, here are five of the best.

If you’re an independent person – Intrepid Travel

If you’re on a budgetOverseas Adventure Travel

If you’d like a trekking vacation – G Adventures

CruisesSilver sea

If money’s no objectAbercrombie & Kent

5. Last but not Least – be Open Minded

When asked for reasons why they love travelling, a high percentage of people said it was ‘to meet different people’. Try not to make snap judgements of your fellow travellers. Older people are now acting younger than ever so you could find some very interesting companions. Relax, be yourself and remember it’s your vacation too.

We hope you’ve found this helpful and that you have a blast on your vacation. For further  inspiration and tips – have a read through the TripAdvisor Single Travel Forum.

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