Neuro Linguistic Programming Can Increase your Personal Power

Excerpt from an NLP manual written for a client.


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How to Increase Your Personal Power with NLP

In order to increase your own personal power, it’s first necessary to identify what it is.

Personal power can be broken down into two sections, private power and public power.  Private power is internal and public power is external.

personal powerPrivate Power is

1. What you think and

2. How you feel

Public Power is

1. What you say and

2. How you behave

These four powers of thinking, feeling, saying and behaving make up your own personal power state.  NLP can help you to reach your own best state of personal power.  Having an optimum personal power gives you the facility to make the best choices in how you think and feel and in what you say and how you behave. 

Why do we need Personal Power?

Power gives us a sense of control in our lives.  The opposite of power is helplessness.  Many people feel both helpless and hopeless.  The problem with this state is that if you feel helpless, you often feel unable to get out of that rut.  This can lead to negativity and a feeling that it’s not even worth trying to change things.  Your very helplessness makes you unable to seize any personal power.  This creates a barrier which can be hard to overcome.  Because you don’t expect anything – you don’t achieve anything.  The negativity becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

NLP can help you to leave that helplessness behind and discover the personal power that you so need. 

What can Personal Power do for You?

Personal power gives you the ability to set and achieve goals in your life, in whichever area you desire, whether it’s in your personal life or business.

It gives you the ability to influence how other people behave towards you and how they perceive you.

It increases your ability to communicate which in turn, increases your personal power even more.

Having a higher level of personal power gives you a greater enthusiasm and optimism in all aspects of your life.

Increased personal power gives you more energy.

Power is related to self-esteem and confidence – higher personal power will give you a boost in both of these important areas.

Increasing your personal power can bring you success and happiness. 

Personal Power and You

Having personal power doesn’t mean that you will become the president of your company within a few weeks – but it does mean that you will start to reach your full potential and beyond.

You may be seeing only walls in your life – walls in relationships, work, and your own personal development.  You may feel ‘stuck’ in your life and may be feeling ‘is this as good as it gets?’

Many, many people live their lives with this feeling and never do get beyond it.  With the help of NLP, you can get beyond it – and achieve things you never would have thought possible.

Seize the Power

Power is an odd thing.  We all have certain levels of it naturally and some people choose to use it more than others. 

Isn’t Power Dangerous?

There is a difference between power that involves threats or violence and a life-enhancing form of power.  Threatening power is what armed robbers and corrupt governments use to get what they want.  Life-enhancing power is non-violent and non-threatening.  Look at Mahatma Gandhi – he had no armed soldiers at his command, he never held a political or governmental position and he never even threatened violence.  He was physically small and frail.  And yet he managed to get the British to leave India after they had ruled it for years.  That is a great demonstration of amazing personal power.

Power creates Power…

Once you can feel that you are in control of your life, it gives you a sense of power and increases your ability to achieve goals – which gives you more power.  This in turn, influences how other people perceive you.  If they view you in a positive light, it gives you more ability to influence them and to communicate well.  Good communication enhances the power of all of those involved and is extremely productive.

When you feel in control, you automatically become more enthusiastic and optimistic.  This gives you more energy and therefore more control.  These lead to an increase in self-esteem and confidence – which again, gives you more power. 

Choice and Personal Power

Many people say “why do bad things always happen to me?”  It may be true that they have had some bad things happen to them – but the important aspect is how they have dealt with those events.  We cannot always choose what happens to us, but we can choose how to react.  Every choice has a consequence and we can choose to make those consequences good or bad, positive or negative.

There are some events in life that we haven’t chosen and that we have no power over – but genuine examples of this are quite rare.

We make hundreds of choices each day and each one has a level of power and a consequence.  Some of these choices may seem subconscious as we make them without thinking.  Nevertheless, they are still choices.  Brushing our teeth is something that we do habitually, but if we didn’t, we would have bad breath, rotten teeth and less friends!  So we continue to make the choice to brush our teeth!

People who would like to lose weight make the choice to shop for food and then eat it.  By changing those choices, they could put fewer calories into their bodies and see a change.  This sounds very clinical and logical and doesn’t take into account the myriads of reasons why we make the choices we do – but again, this is where NLP can help. 

Re-programme your Brain

Your brain may be used to the messages that you should behave in a certain way, in a certain situation.  But life is about growth and progress.  If you want to you’re your life forward and change areas that have been disappointing for you, you have to be prepared to change.

With NLP, you can teach your brain to focus on your strengths and to help you create new ones.  With your new pattern of thinking, you can see opportunities, set achievable goals and attain them.

Choices change the World

Just take a look at this list of some conditions in the world that have been caused by choices made by people with personal power:






That may be a depressing list – but now look at a list of achievements!




Improving health

Comfortable and safe homes

Hitler and Gandhi both had personal power and made very different choices.  As Spiderman knew “With great power, comes great responsibility!”

Go For It!

Increasing your own personal power may not change the world but it will change your world!  It will help you to feel centred and keep focused in situations where people used to get the better of you.  It can make you more effective as a team leader.  It can help you to recognise opportunities and give you the strength to take them.

It will help you to make a positive feedback between your emotions and any area of your life that you choose, so that your goals will become easily achievable.

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