Possible Additional Fees When Renting a Dumpster

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dumpster 2News Channel 10 reports that EnviroSolutions, Inc. have released insight into additional fees that customers may incur when renting a dumpster.

Renting a dumpster doesn’t sound like a difficult concept. However, customers may be surprised or shocked when they get their final check.

There may be hidden fees. This depends on the company that you rent it from, what the dumpster is going to be used for and more. EnviroSolutions recommend that before hiring a dumpster, customers should research rental prices in their area and make comparisons. Get quotes and when you have chosen a rental company, get them to confirm the final cost before agreeing to hire them.

Areas Where You Might Have To Pay Extra

A Fuel Surcharge

When people consider renting a dumpster they don’t usually factor in a fuel surcharge. Most simply assume that this is included in the rental company’s quote. However, some dumpster rental companies list fuel as a separate item. They often list it as a fluctuating line on their invoice. This is partly because of the fluctuations in the price of diesel fuels. This cost can vary a lot from company to company so always be sure to confirm if a fuel surcharge – or a fluctuating one – will be included on your final check.

The Weight of your Waste

Each type of dumpster is only allowed to carry a specific weight of waste. This amount is for safety reasons and is calculated on the structure of the dumpster and the weight bearing that it is capable of. It’s not uncommon for a customer to load the dumpster with items that make it so heavy it is not safe to transport. If this happens, it causes a major headache for the company so some do add on an extra fee that you must pay if you load the dumpster over its’ allowed weight. However, not all companies do this. Make sure you ask the rental company if they include this potential fee – before signing up for your rental.

Delivery and Pickup Charges

It’s not unreasonable to assume that the cost of delivering the roll off dumpster to your home will be included in the quote. You would also assume that the cost of taking it away would be factored in. This is not always the case. While some companies do include this, others don’t. To avoid an unnecessary shock when they bill you, ask the company if the rental price of the dumpster includes drop off and pick up.

Landfill Fees

Some companies include this fee but others may not. Some dumpster contractors say that this depends on what they have to pay to the landfill that is accepting the waste. Again, ask your contractor if this fee is included in the quote before accepting it. 

Obvious Questions…?

If you’ve hired a dumpster before, you may already know about these potential hidden charges – or not. However, first time hirers may not be aware of them. The problem is, if you don’t know which questions to ask, how can you ask them?

Doesn’t it Cost Less to Let a Neighbour do it? Or Just Hire a Man with a Van do it for Me?

They probably aren’t insured to do this so if they get hurt or cause damage to your property, you would be liable.

Also, if the waste isn’t properly disposed of (for instance, if it’s put into someone else’s hired dumpster) you could be liable for that.

Other Questions to Ask Your Contractor

Liability is a big one. What if the rented dumpster damages your property in some way. Contractors should have General Liability Insurance but it doesn’t hurt to ask before renting. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Is There Anything That You Can’t Put Into A Dumpster?

Yes. Check with your contractor for their own list. Here’s a general one of items to avoid putting into your hired dumpster –

paints (dry cans may be accepted but do ask)

equipment containing gas or oil



hazardous materials

fuels or propane tanks

medical waste


Tires – you may be able to put these in but it may incur an additional fee for the landfill.

This is because these items require special treatment as waste. You local landfill might not be allowed to accept some of them. To be absolutely sure, ask your contractor for a list of items that you may not put into the dumpster.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask your Contractor these questions. It could save you a nasty shock when their invoice comes in the mail.


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Source: News Channel 10



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