This looks old fashioned now but for a while, it was the way to write a Sales piece. I’m including it to demonstrate that  I can write in different styles.

You Can Tell Everybody That This is your Song



Going For a Song…!

A unique chance for you to own

100% copyright of a love song!


Written by a songwriter with a proven track record of

No. 1 hits!

Have you ever thought how great it must be to be involved in the music business?

You’d be following in the footsteps of an amazing group of people – Hendrix, The Beatles, Elvis, Madonna, U2, Bowie…  Everyone has a favourite and the list is endless.

But all of those people started out just like you and me.  Ordinary, everyday people.  Through their talent, hard work and refusal to give up, they reached the top and earned a huge amount of money.

And they are just the few that made it to the very top.  Think of all the songs that you have heard.  They didn’t all hit the No 1 spot but they stayed in the charts and made their song writers an extremely comfortable living.

In fact, longevity is one of the keys to making money in the music world.

Which is fine if you’ve been in a band all your life!

Having the right Copyright is another key

The Beatles changed the face of rock and pop music.  Just four likeable lads with no prospects from a poor area of Liverpool.  Their phenomenal success is hard to believe – and yet it happened!

They only made music for a decade but the rewards are still pouring in.

Have you ever wondered why Paul McCartney is consistently named as one of the richest men in the UK – but the others never figured?

It’s all to do with royalties and copyright. 

As an example, let’s take Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr  – and the money that they made from the Beatles song ‘When I’m Sixty Four’.

Paul actually wrote the music for this song when he was 15!  He wrote and added the lyrics to it for his Father’s 64th birthday.

The Beatles recorded it in 1966, with Ringo drumming away.

It was never released as a single and went onto the now legendary

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

So, let’s get to the earnings…

Every single time someone buys that album –

£%  Paul gets a percentage of the sale as the writer and performer of that song.

£%  Ringo gets a percentage as a musician on the track.

Every time it’s played on radio, TV or used in a movie or advert –

£%  Paul gets a percentage as the writer and performer.

£%  Ringo gets his percentage as a musician.

BUT (and this is a very important but…!)

If someone else records the song as a ‘cover version’ –

£%  Paul gets a percentage of the sales as the writer of the song.

O Ringo gets nothing.

If the cover version is played on the radio, TV or used in a movie or advert –

£%  Paul gets a percentage of the sales as the writer.

Ringo gets nothing.

Are you beginning to see how it works and how the rewards of copyright may just grow and grow?

You probably can’t think of any cover versions of ‘When I’m Sixty Four’ but there have been many:

Keith Moon recorded it for the musical ‘All This and World War II’

Frankie Howard sang it in the film Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1978

Julian Lennon (son of John) sang it in an advert for an Insurance company

It was used as the theme song for the Robin Williams film ‘The World According to Garp’

An instrumental version became the theme tune of BBC TV’s Points of View in the 1980’s

Cherie Blair sang it on TV as her Prime Minister husband looked on, smiling and singing along (I wonder if they pursued that copyright infringement?)

Remember, every time those films or adverts or theme tunes are played,

Paul gets a percentage – but Ringo doesn’t.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band became the first ever rock album to win a Grammy Award – it actually won four of them!

It’s still the top selling album of all time in the UK.  It sells – a lot!  2.5 million copies at the last count.

And Paul’s money grows and grows and grows…

And that’s only one song!

Copyright is big business

Paul McCartney might make a fortune in royalties but even he doesn’t always get it right.

In 1985, Michael Jackson outbid McCartney for the publishing rights to most of the Beatles songs.

Jackson has since sold them to Sony.

Bizarrely, McCartney now has to pay royalties to Sony, if he wants to sing his own songs!

Are you getting the picture?

In both of those examples, the person who ends up making the money is the copyright owner.

So if I buy the copyright on this song –

how may it make money for me?

As the copyright owner of the song, you will actually own many rights.

You will be allowed to copy the song

You may distribute as many copies of it as you like

You can use parts of it in a new song

You can perform it publicly

You can use it on your website

OK – so I can do all that without paying anyone else…

but how does it make me money?

Let’s look at exactly how a song can make money for the person who owns its’ copyright.

There are four main ways it can do this.  How you get the money and how much you get depends on which of the four ways is being used.

Mechanical Royalties 

These are the main source of income for music publishers.

The Record Company pays money to the copyright owner (you!) to buy the right to put the song onto disc or any other ‘mechanical’ method of playing it.

Keeping up with collecting all the royalties that are due to the copyright holder can be an enormous undertaking.

For that reason, many publishers use an agency to monitor and collect them, in return for a small commission – usually only up to 5%. 

Public Performance 

The second largest source of income for the copyright holder of a song is Public Performance.

Every time the song  – or even just a part of it – is performed for the public, the copyright owner receives royalties.

It doesn’t matter whether the song is performed live or played via a recorded device, in a concert, on the radio or on the TV – the royalties will be paid.

Again, copyright owners usually sign up with a performance rights society who will keep a record of the public performances of their songs.

They issue licenses to radio stations, TV stations, restaurants, nightclubs and even shops (think lift music!).

The money from the license fees is then passed back to the copyright holder.


This involves getting royalties on the sale of your song as sheet music.

It’s not as popular as it once was but nevertheless it may still make serious money for the copyright owner.


This is a licence which allows the song to be used in a film, TV programme or advert.

The person or organisation wishing to use the song buys a synchronisation license from the copyright holder – usually for a one off price.

The payment for these licenses can vary enormously.  It can be free in order to gain initial exposure for the song.

A TV programme could pay a few hundred pounds.

A film could pay tens of thousands of pounds.

The biggest money-spinners are adverts which can pay hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Getting excited yet? 

I don’t blame you – this is a great opportunity!

Is there a time limit on a copyright?

Yes – but not one that you need to worry about!

In the UK, a copyright lasts for the lifetime of the songwriter and then for another 70 years after their death. 

So if I buy it, the copyright will outlive me!

Yep – the money goes on rolling in for another 70 years!

Last year, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana earned $50 million even though sadly, he is no longer with us.

His massive earnings were due to his widow’s good business sense.  Courtney Love sold 25% of her deceased husband’s catalogue of songs to a New York music publisher.

Elvis Presley followed on behind with an annual income of $42 million!

The copyright on recordings is only 50 years from the making of that recording.

This law came into force when music careers didn’t last for many years.

Bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones etc, are proving to be long-lived and the income from their ‘back catalogue’ is now seriously threatened.

Right now, the music business is running a huge campaign to pressure the Government into changing the recording copyright to match the length of time on a songwriter copyright.

It’s a great time to be getting into this business!

So there’s the copyright for the songwriter or the recording itself

…I’m getting a bit confused…

No need to worry.  This is the most exciting part of the offer.

The copyright on a song is like any piece of property.

You can buy it, sell it, leave it to someone in your will – or have it bequeathed to you.

It can also be transferred, as a whole, or just a part.

The subsequent economic rights are passed with the purchase of the copyright.

So the song writer passes his copyright on to you and there his association with it ends.

He can no longer get royalties from it – but you can! 

You will own 100% of the copyright

Your potential earnings will be ‘Paul’ plus ‘Ringo’!

If the song writer wanted to use the song in the future, he would have to buy the copyright back off you or pay you a licence fee (remember McCartney and Sony?)

It’s starting to sound very tempting…

It is – and it’s about to get even better.

We’re offering you the chance to

buy the copyright on a song.  

A Love Song…

Let’s look at why a love song is the best investment when buying a copyright.

Why do so many songwriters and musicians write about love?

It’s an emotion that everyone can understand so it transcends countries and cultures – increasing the potential area for payback.

More people = more money.

Just think about it for a moment.

The majority of people are either falling in love, in love or wishing they were in love.

That’s why love songs sell!

If you need any more confirmation, take a look at this –

Top Ten Best Selling Singles Of All Time – Worldwide

chart for love song copyright

Seven of the Top Ten Selling Singles of All Time are love songs.

The combined number of copies sold is 103 million!

I’m sure you can see by now what a great opportunity this is.

Full, 100% ownership of a love song – what could be better?

How about full, 100% ownership of a love song 

written and produced by someone who already has a

proven track record of No. 1 hits!

As if all this wasn’t enough…

This is such a great business opportunity – we’re sure you can’t wait to get started but there’s just one more thing to say…

Say “I Love You” With a Love Song!

Not everyone wants to make money.  We get that.

Forget the potential earnings (although it grieves us to say it!)

and look again.

Isn’t this the greatest gift you could ever give ?

What could be more romantic?

Some people find it hard to express their true feelings – especially men!

If you’re lucky enough to have found that special person and want them to know

but you just can’t find the words…let the song speak for you!

Here’s a taste of just some of the lovely lyrics:

“I listen to you breathing

The sweetest sound that I know…”

“I could never have enough…”

“You made me see beyond the walls…”

“And for bringing me back home I thank you…”

“And in your eyes I discovered

What I thought was out of reach…”

“Now that I recognise all the beauty inside

It’s easy to see

What’s hidden in me…”

Is that how you feel?

Are those the things you’d love to be able to say…but just can’t?

Is your relationship suffering because you don’t express your feelings?

Hmm, we thought so!


Now you can!  It’s the perfect present for the one you love!

What better way is there to say ‘I love you’

than giving 100% copyright on a beautiful love song

to the person you love !

This would be the gift of a lifetime!

Wouldn’t you be thrilled to receive it from the one you love?

…and you can tell everybody, that this is your song! 


So – with this offer you just can’t lose. 

You can choose to try and make money with it

You can simply use it for your own purposes and forget the headaches of wondering if you’re going to get sued

You can give your loved one the best gift they will ever receive!

And if they choose to use it as a business opportunity, it’ll be the gift that just goes on giving…

Ok – You’ve convinced me!   How can I buy it?

You’ve made a great choice and we know you won’t regret it!

Buying the copyright to your very own song couldn’t be easier.

Just follow this link to get started now!


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If you’re hesitating…don’t!  This offer won’t be here forever and if you take too much time to think it over –

you could miss out on a great opportunity!

Don’t be like Derek Rowe… 

Who’s he?


No-one’s ever heard of him.

He’s the guy from Decca who turned the Beatles down in 1962, saying “Groups with guitars are on their way out.”

How often would you re-live that mistake?

How long would the ‘if only’s…’ keep you awake at night!

Eeek!  It makes your toes curl, doesn’t it?

I’ll bet poor old Derek wishes he could turn back time!

And so will you if you don’t grab this now!

Life’s all about seizing great opportunities when you see them.

And they don’t come much greater than this!

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