Scientists Say Exploding Holes are “Key to the Bermuda Triangle” 

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bermuda triangle holes 2The Siberian Times has reported that respected scientists have discovered an explanation for three craters which have appeared in Russia.

The scientists say that the explanation for the craters could also be the answer to the mysterious disappearances of many ships and planes in the notorious Bermuda Triangle.

The three points of the triangle are Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico.

What has Disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle?

Lost at Dea:

1918: USS Cyclops, lost with all 309 crew and passengers

1921: January 31, Carroll A. Deering, found aground and abandoned near Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

1925: 1 December, SS Cotopaxi

1941: USS Proteuslost with all 58 persons

1963: SS Marine Sulphur Queen, lost with all 39 crewmen

Lost Aircraft:

1945: December 5, Flight 19 (five TBF Avengers) lost with 14 airmen and later the same day PBM Mariner BuNo 59225 lost with 13 airmen while searching for Flight 19

1948: January 30, Avro Tudor G-AHNP Star Tigerlost with 6 crew and 25 passengers

1948: December 28, Douglas DC-3 NC16002 lost with 3 crew and 36 passengers

1949: January 17, Avro Tudor G-AGRE Star Ariellost with 7 crew and 13 passengers

1965: December 6, Private Cessna lost with pilot and one passenger

Lost on land:

1969:Great Isaac Lighthouse (Bimini, Bahamas) – its 2 keepers disappeared and were never found


Two craters in Yamal and one on the Taymyr peninsula appeared during the summer. This lead to speculation that they had been caused by meteorites, aliens or missiles that had gone astray.

State and Science Collaborate

Respected scientists were called in to perform urgent analysis. It is rare for the State and scientific bodies to work together but this study was an exception. The scientists were given the use of helicopters and other specialized equipment which allowed them to perform all the research they needed. The chief engineer voiced his disappointment that the Institute refused to allow them to enter the deep hole because there was too much risk involved.

bermuda triangle holesWhat Caused the Holes?

Scientists from the Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum-Gas Geology and Geophysics in Novosibirsk put the Yamal crater – aptly named ‘the end of the world’ by locals – under intense scrutiny. They found that gases which would normally be trapped under several hundreds of feet of permafrost were released due to a much hotter summer than usual. This combined with the intersection of two geological fault lines under the surface produced a massive explosion as the gas hydrates were released – creating the hole.

Gases, especially methane, usually remain trapped in frozen hydrates below the permafrost hundreds of feet down. They are also trapped this way under some oceans.

So How Could this have Caused the Disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle?

The Deputy Head of the Trofimuk Institute, Igor Yeltsov said that there is now a theory that this phenomenon could have caused the Bermuda Triangle. This would be a huge reaction with almost nuclear forces. According to Yeltsov, gas hydrates start to decompose which changes methane ice into a gas. The gas infuses the sea with makes it heat up and can sink ships passing above. The air is also affected. It becomes highly saturated with methane gases. This creates an extraordinary turbulence which can cause planes to crash.

Mystery Solved?

So has the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle been solved at last?

We’ll let you decide…


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