Start a Lifelong Love Affair with the Nikko Stirling 4-12×50 AO Scope With Mounts

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Seriously? Oh, yes. If you’re looking for a totally rugged, reliable and high end quality scope that will last you forever you can stop searching right now. And who wants to spend all their time on the interwebz when they could be out shooting – it’s a no brainer.

nikkoRight off the bat you need to know that this baby is packed with great features. So let’s take a look at what’s on offer here.

Mil Dot Reticle Cross Hairs

Most scopes have either mil-dot or Ballistic Plex reticle which lets you line up a shot at distances that are further than the zeroed point. This bad boy has the ever popular mil dot. It’s earned its’ popularity because once you’ve got the hang of it, you can quickly and easily estimate the range to your target and set your aim points. Did you know that it was developed by US Marine Snipers in the 1970’s? We just threw that in for free so you can impress your shooting buddies.

50mm Multi Coated Lens

This premium A grade lens is an awesome size that results in amazing light capture and transmission. As a result, you get a near perfect view. This helps you to acquire your target fast and makes tracking a moving target a real pleasure. As if that’s not enough, the lens is fully coated in emerald. This limits glare and diminishes reflections. Add them all together and it can only improve your shooting experience. What’s not to like?

Magnification is 4 – 12 x Variable

This is especially great for air rifles and if you like rifle shooting ranges – who doesn’t? This model has a dial adjustment that is so easy and so fast you’ll love it from the get go.

Parallax Adjustment

OK – we’ve all come up with reasons why we didn’t hit a target but the parallax effect is probably to blame. Honestly. Anyhow, this will make your target seem as if it’s blurring, drifting or even wobbling. Not surprisingly, this can make focusing on them – never mind shooting ‘em – a chore. And we’re here to enjoy ourselves.

This bad boy features parallax adjustment. All you do is twist the dial to stop that wobble. Parallax can vary at different ranges so to help you out, the scope has several settings. Job done.

We Like it – Can You Tell?

We’re guessing that right now you know this scope is a must-have. Here’s a quick round-up of all the other great features so you can stop reading and go order one.

Length: 37cm (14 inches)

Weight: 618 grams with mounts fitted

Exit pupil: 10mm

Colour and finish: Matte black

Full metal alloy adjustment houses for greater reliability.

Factory tested to be waterproof, fog proof and shock proof

Tube filled with nitrogen and sealed

Windage/elevation target turrets with finger click adjustment.

140 click range (1/4 MOA)

recoil stop screw that allows the mount to be secured to powerful airguns

1/4″ MOA adjustments

Coin slot adjustments

You Need to Know…One Last Thing.

All Mountmaster scopes come with 3/8″ quick detachable mounts – perfect for mounting on air guns and 22 rifles. These are fitted in the factory so they can’t be swapped out for another type.

If you need, another size, say 18-22mm weaver mounts then you’ll have to buy them separately but we reckon it ‘s a small price to pay for a scope that will kick your shooting enjoyment up not just one notch but a whole bunch.

Ready to fall in love?

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