What is a Digital Strategist? (And Why you Might Need One)

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You may have been hearing a lot about Generation Y otherwise known as Millennials. To qualify, a person has to be aged from 16 to 34. Millennials love technology because they have been brought up on it.

With Millennials, a whole new range of jobs have been created that many people may not have heard of.

A digital strategist is someone who creates a detailed business plan to make the most of the digital technology assets available to today’s companies. So, for example, you could have a digital marketing specialist who makes the most of the company’s technology to market them.

digital strategistWhat is Digital Strategy?

This is a process of helping a business to crystallize the vision that they have for their future, set out their goals and make the most of their opportunities so that the benefits of digital initiatives may be maximized.

Why is it Time and Money Saving?

If a company wanted to execute a digital strategy it used to be done all in one go. It would take a lot of time and money to implement large changes such as complete designs of websites or the introduction of digitalized ways of dealing with transactions. These changes often took as long as six to twelve months just to develop. It wasn’t uncommon to wait another six to twelve months before the new systems started to show a profit.

Since 2007, a new trend has begun to emerge where companies utilize a list of small tests which are then measured and analyzed. The results help to change or maximize the digital strategy.

How can a Digital Strategist Help Us?

They would help you from start to finish – setting your goals to achieving them, in steps.

Setting Goals and Objectives

You may already have some goals but the digital strategist can go through this with you to make sure that you are aiming for the maximum benefit possible for your company. They would also help you to decide when you want the goals achieved by. They would then establish KPIs to determine whether your objectives are met.

 Identify your Audience

The digital strategist would research everything about who you’re trying to reach. This would include researching:

Demographics: Name, age, location.

Psychographics: Goals, motivations, values

Consumption Patterns: amount, sources, pain

Influences: who, what, why

Figure out the Problem

The digital strategist would then focus on which barriers may stop your company from achieving its aim. This is not a reflection on your capabilities – it is issues with your potential audience, not you. 

Develop a Strategy

This is the creation of the framework that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be. It involves further research about what motivates your potential audience and what their behaviours are. For example, this could include the huge rise in the use of Smartphones and tablets.

Create Tactics

This is very specific. Many companies draw up spreadsheets, flowcharts and graphs showing where they’re going but they have no idea of how to get there.

Your digital strategist would work out the specific actions that your company should take to reach its goals.

Measure and Optimize

The digital strategist would then create some benchmarks to see how the tactics are performing towards getting your KPIs. They would continue to measure these and if they began to drift, would correct them with other tactics.

What a Digital Strategist does is Smart 

S pecific

M easurable

A ctionable

R ealistic

T imely

Be smart too and get a digital strategist to do a great job for your company.


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