Why is Hotel Reputation Management So Important?

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Hotel Reputation Management is the process of continually monitoring and making small tweaks to your website to enhance how potential customers view your Hotel online. The original idea for this came via public relations but with the explosion of the mobiles and tablets – the focus has shifted to tackling the same issues on social media sites and review websites. Keeping a high ranking in search engines is also a priority.

hotel reputation managementIt’s hard to think of an industry that is more affected by this kind of reputation management than the travel and hotel business. TripAdvisor say that 93% of potential bookers read reviews and take on board what they say as part of their decision making process. 53% said that they wouldn’t make a booking without doing that. Accepting that guest opinions have a huge impact on how you manage your Hotel is the first step to providing that facility for your site visitors.

How Hotel Reputation Management is linked to Revenue Management

The hospitality industry has always been a highly competitive field and never more so than now with more people than ever booking online and making a judgement about your reputation. You reputation is obviously directly linked to the volume of sales that you close. So good reputation management can be a huge financial advantage.

Positive feedback is wonderful but negative feedback is more useful – although it hurts! If you know what your customers don’t like then you can take immediate steps to make it better.

Even though negative feedback is helpful, if you don’t manage it correctly andimmediately and use it to enhance your online presence it could lose you a lot of money very quickly.

How Many Potential Customers you Might Lose to Negative Feedback

Surveys have reported that –

90% of travelers avoid booking hotels labeled as “dirty” in online reviews

53% of TripAdvisor users say they won’t book a hotel if it has zero reviews

A negative review or comment on the Twitter, Facebook or Youtube Web sites can lose companies as many as 30 customers

But There is Good News too – if you Take Action

An appropriate response to reviews from hotel management is more likely to make TripAdvisors book (57%), improves their overall impression of the hotel (84%) and makes them feel the hotel cares (78%)

So online bookers do take note if something in a negative review has been improved.

It can take a huge amount of time, effort and money to get your Hotel website onto the first page of a Google search. If you’ve made it – do everything that you can to stay there. However, if the negatives even start to appear, you will slide down at an alarming rate and so will your revenue. It’s also harder to claw your way back once you’ve gone down so you must be ready and willing to take immediate action – or watch the continuing downward spiral of your business. Experts in revenue management are mystified as to why so many professionals don’t equate great marketing to a direct upturn in sales.

Hotel Reputation Management is Not Only About the Property – it is also About You

Although it’s been a recognised and accepted practice for a while, you might be new to the concept of reputation management. You may feel overwhelmed by the amount of daily tasks that you are already stretched to achieve without throwing something else into the mix. Revenue experts advise that a perception change is required. If you manage your Hotel reputation well, your revenue will soar and you will be able to afford to employ others to take the pressure off you.

There are many hotel reputation management companies out there – far too many to list. Try Googling “hotel reputation management” and you will see what we mean. This is even more proof that you need to have a strategy in place. The more Hoteliers that adopt this system, the more successful they will be. Don’t get left behind.

Is it Really Worth Hiring a Professional Company?

Yes is the simple answer. There is a lot of work involved and it’s a full time job. If you’re still hesitating, remember that a good reputation means more visitors, which means more bookings and higher revenue.

Investing in a professional company to manage your Hotel reputation is not a luxury, it’s a necessary investment for the future of your business.


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